Unlocking Growth in the Asian Market: CRIF Asia Spotlights Data-Driven Approaches in Enhancing Customer Journey

MANILA, PHILIPPINES & JAKARTA, INDONESIA – CRIF, a global leader in credit bureau, business information, and credit risk solutions, hosted successful events titled "Enhancing the Customer Journey in Asia: Insights from Data-Driven Approaches" on July 4 and 6, 2023, respectively at the Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta Indonesia and Grand Hyatt Manila, Philippines. The two gatherings brought together more than 175 industry leaders and professionals to delve into customer-centricity and financial inclusion in the Asian market, paving the way for transformative discussions and knowledge sharing.

The event commenced with a warm welcome message from CRIF Asia's Managing Director, Mr. Simone Lovati. In his opening address, Lovati expressed his gratitude to the attendees and highlighted the importance of trust, collaboration, and innovation in revolutionizing the customer journey in the financial sector.

 In the Philippines, the audience was treated to an insightful keynote speech from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) 's Deputy Governor Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, emphasizing the significance of customer centricity and financial inclusion in driving economic growth and development across Asia. She also highlighted BSP's current programs to increase consumer inclusivity and shed light on government and private institutions' vital role in ensuring seamless and inclusive customer experience.

In addition to Deputy Governor Romulo-Puyat's enlightening keynote, the event boasted the presence of distinguished representatives from the BSP. Deputy Director Rochelle Tomas from the Consumer Protection and Market Conduct Office and Mr. Louie Mel Intia, Project Director of the Credit Risk Database (Project Implementation Unit), graced the event. Both representatives actively engaged with the audience, answering their insightful questions and providing valuable perspectives on the crucial topics at hand.

In Indonesia, Professor Sinta Dewi Rosadi, a lecturer and renowned expert in personal data protection delivered the keynote speech. Her address shed light on the crucial role of data protection measures in the dynamic financial landscape and emphasized the need for customer-centric approaches to drive economic growth and development across Indonesia.

Among the notable presentations, Mr. Leonardo Piva, Senior Director for Corporate Business Development at CRIF Digital and Credit Journey Solutions, captivated the audience with his comprehensive overview of the holistic approach CRIF adopts to enhance the credit journey. Piva's presentation showcased how CRIF leverages cutting-edge technologies and data analytics to empower financial institutions to deliver personalized and efficient services to their customers.

Mr. Atrideb Basu, Senior Director for Consulting at CRIF, explored the topic of humanizing machine learning. Basu's talk elucidated how integrating artificial intelligence and human empathy can enhance customer interactions and drive better business outcomes.

Another highlight for both events was the engaging panel discussions moderated by Mr. Simone Colombara, SEA Regional Sales Director at CRIF. The esteemed panel members for the Philippines included Mr. Rodericko Reinaldo of PT Bank Negara Indonesia, Mr. Bennett Santiago of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, and Mr. Vitezslav Klepetko of Home Credit Philippines; while Indonesia’s panel members include Mr. August Rinaldi Sanoesi of PT. BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk, Ms. Margareth Costelo-Zablan of JACCS Finance Philippines, and Mr. Jan Tjintjelaar of PT. CRIF Lembaga Informasi Keuangan. The panelists delved into the evolving landscape of traditional and digital retail lending, exploring the challenges, opportunities, and best practices within the Asian market. The panel members also fielded questions from the attentive audience, resulting in a vibrant and insightful conversation.

In addition to the distinguished panelists and speakers, the event was honored by the presence of Mr. Carlo Gherardi, Chairman and Group CEO of CRIF S.p.A, whose attendance added to the event's success and underscored the significance of CRIF's initiatives in the Asian region.

"We are thrilled to have organized this event and bring together industry leaders, financial institutions, and technology experts to discuss the latest advancements in enhancing the customer journey," stated Simone Lovati, Managing Director of CRIF Asia. "By leveraging data-driven approaches, we can create personalized experiences that drive financial inclusion and empower both businesses and customers in the Asian market."

The event's success reflects CRIF Asia's commitment to embracing data-driven strategies and creating a customer-centric ecosystem.

CRIF Asia remains dedicated to empowering businesses with actionable insights, cutting-edge technologies, and data-driven approaches. By facilitating platforms for knowledge sharing and collaboration, CRIF Asia continues to support the industry in delivering superior customer journeys and achieving sustainable growth in the ever-evolving market.