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Move to profitable growth and reduce credit risks with customized loan products with CRIF's Loan Origination

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Do you feel-periodic ECL computation & reporting needs automation?

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Unleash the Power of StrategyOne And Make Smarter Decisions

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Are you looking to streamline your debt management process?

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CRIF in Philippines supports decision makers across banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, telecom, utilities, general businesses & credit guarantee consortiums with a complete range of analytics, information services and solutions for credit and commercial risk management.

Solutions we offer

Loan Origination System

Attain automated, paperless customer account opening and loan origination with the origination module..

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Digital Lending

Now you can with our omnichannel, entirely configurable solution that adapts to every organisation’s needs..

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Scoring Solutions

The relevant and robust data you need to improve relationship, lower risk, make informed decisions and streamline operations across the customer lifecycle...

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Strategy One

Comprehensive Business Rule Engine and Business Rules Management Solution designed to provide stronger business governance and greater business agility..

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Collection System

The 360-degree solutions that streamlines and offers a transparent set of procedures that are scalable depending on the requirement..

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Alternative Credit Scoring

Alternative credit scoring refers to the use of non-traditional credit information to assess credit worthiness of the applicant.

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The introduction of new regulatory standards is a significant change in ECL computation and financial reporting for banks.

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Credit Bureau Access

In order to automate your credit approvals with Bureau score and application score, you need a solution that can help you plan and strategies as per emerging trends.

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How CRIF secures your data: Data Security and ISO27001 Certification in the Philippines

Missed attending our Data Security Webinar? Catch all the insights and expert tips shared by Vinay Hariharan, CISO & Vice President - IT, CRIF India in this video!


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CRIF is a global company specializing in credit bureau and business information, outsourcing and processing services, and credit solutions.

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