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Data-centric analytic solutions to drive sustainable business growth.

Tailored Solutions For Your Businesses

We offer a portfolio of solutions to help businesses streamline financial processes.

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Business Financial Management

An optimal business financial management for SMEs.

Collection Management

A complete and streamlined solution for flexible and configurable debt collection management.

Decision Engine

A user-friendly solution for managing and automating decisions.

Digital Lending

An intuitive solution to optimise the digital customer experience from onboarding to disbursement.

IFRS 9 Solution

Ensuring regulatory compliance, optimisation, and best industry practices in ECL computation.

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Know Your Customer Solutions

Streamline your compliance with our fully-configurable KYC solutions.

Loan Origination System

A fully-integrated, end-to-end corporate lending system that is responsive to changing business needs.

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Personal Financial Management

A retail solution for 360° management of consumers’ current, past and future financial situations.

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