In today's highly competitive lending environment, not only accuracy in credit decision but also the time to acquire a customer is of the essence – therefore, lenders are increasingly adopting alternative scoring to make faster and more informed decision. Alternative credit scoring refers to the use of non-traditional credit information to assess credit worthiness of the applicant. CRIF Philippines offers below alternate credit scores:

  1. Telco Score: uses the telco information to compute score which predicts the probability of default.
  2. Psychometric Score: predicts the probability of default using the information collected from applicant through an interactive quiz and metadata.
  3. Transaction Score: predicts the probability of default using the Visa credit/debit cards transactions.

Alternate credit score has proved an important tool to empower the lenders to tap the segment of New to Credit(NTC) which has immense growth potential. As a lender, using alternative credit scoring with CRIF, you get to:

  1. Make more informed decision to assess credit worthiness
  2. Increase market reach by accepting profitable New to Credit(NTC) applicants
  3. Improve customer experience by automating decision
  4. Assess the performance of these scores by retrospectively scoring your acquired customers
  5. Integrate seamlessly in your existing origination system
  6. Leverage CRIF’s experience to consult on incorporating this in your existing credit assessment framework