When assessing credit risk, having access to accurate business data is critical. CRIF, with the most extensive coverage across Asia, provides business information services to help you evaluate new and existing clients, conduct customer analysis, and gain a complete view of the credit risks associated with your business relationships.

Rich and timely business information is presented in a uniform format that is understood easily while helping you promptly determine a company's financial strength, stability, and payment performance.

Our solutions help companies get the best profitability and sustainable growth results by providing the highest quality business information. 

We develop a business information strategy in which decisions and risks are made utilizing a dynamic, reliable framework of value-added data that is dynamically updated and enriched. This leads to the creation of an ecosystem in which data are linked and turned into information relevant to various evaluation procedures. 

The CRIF Business Information (BI) Platform

CRIF Business Information (BI) Platform is a one-stop-shop solution for data and business intelligence needs. CRIF BI leverages CRIF's scoring, analytics, assessment, and data coverage expertise.

CRIF BI delivers CRIF Report – a comprehensive and in-depth report on any Philippine company, containing information such as financial, business activities, bank references, linkages, trade checks, and more. CRIF Report helps decision-makers manage credit terms, evaluate distributors, agents, buyers, and suppliers, and assess potential customers. See our CRIF BI products.



Firmographics: basic business information such as business registration details, legal form, business address, number of employees, and all related business details needed to classify companies.

Principals: details on ownership, management, and key business personnel

Registered Charges: publicly available court case list on the company and its principal officers, covering past and present legal charges.

Financial information: three-year comprehensive financial analysis delivering views and detailed insight into a company's financial health and performance

Bank References: name, address, branch of the bank used by the company, if available. 

Operations Related Information: details of the company's business activities, including imports and exports and sales territory

Trade Check: exclusive information providing an overview of a company's payment performance, helping you create an intelligent credit decision

Corporate Linkages: linkages and relationships across different parts of a corporate family tree, giving you insights on business opportunities and the scope of risk exposure

Company Registration History: data about the company's registrations and legal structures, as well as major changes or significant legal events such as changes in officers, capitals, or acquisitions.

Current Investigation Findings: current and latest investigations that you need to know based on interviews and business analyst findings

CRIF Score: score to predict a company's future financial vulnerability. It is a scorecard that utilizes financial and non-financial information to understand risk levels.

CRIF Report utilizes the CRIF Score, which guides decision-makers by providing transparent and independent evaluation of the risk, reflecting the performance and stability of a business. It aims to predict the probability of the financial stress outlook of a company in the future. CRIF Score comprises four vital elements: the Score, Credit Limit, Score Tranche, and Score Factor.

  • Score is a three-digit scorecard ranging from 300 to 890. It precisely reflects the company's riskiness by showing how it is positioned compared to the average risk of the Score Tranche.
  • Credit Limit allows decision-makers to understand the maximum credit exposure estimation for the company. It can serve as a guardrail for commercial transactions. The credit limit is only available for companies with financial information.
  • Score Tranche varies from A as a Very Low Risk to E as a Very High Risk. It suggests the risk level associated with a business.
  • Score Factor identifies areas of strength and areas of potential improvement.

Why Choose CRIF?

Comprehensive Data - We gather data from various sources and curate it into meaningful and actionable information, providing a holistic view of the businesses you engage with.

Advanced Analytics - Our cutting-edge analytical tools and models give you a deeper understanding of credit risk, allowing you to make well-informed decisions quickly and confidently.

Global Reach - With a presence in multiple countries and access to an extensive international database, we offer solutions tailored to the unique challenges of local and global markets.

Trusted Expertise - Our experienced professionals are dedicated to delivering high-quality services and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Partner with CRIF today and unlock the power of data-driven decision-making. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the business landscape, minimize risks, and maximize opportunities for your company's growth.