In order to automate your credit approvals with Bureau score and application score, you need a solution that can help you plan and strategies as per emerging trends. CRIF brings a suite of comprehensive solutions to help you automate your lending approvals and improve customer relationships.

Solution Hub enables the financial institutions to achieve an efficient, streamlined management of the data acquisition process. This solution allows to enrich the information retrieved with analytics capabilities and decision rules, realizing a full customer profile evaluations view that summarizes all of the subject’s financial burdens and credit history.

CRIF Advantage:
  • Automate and simplify the operations related to the acquisition of external information with a notable reduction in the impact on the internal system and integrate them with existing application systems (subject data, loan application processing, etc.)
  • Consult and extract in a simple way data for assessments and analysis
  • Reduce the delivery times: centralized control of application processing, thanks to a single product which acts as an interface between all the databases. The inquiry is in real time and the final evaluation is available within few seconds
  • Streamline work processes and distribute information to new BU/ Department/Agency without difficulties
  • Easily implement and maintain the solution in SaaS version
  • Reduce the credit loss thanks to the scoring models with high performance in evaluation of credit risk